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Which Way Do We Go...

If it had not been realized by now, then the pandemic did not wake people up. We are going in a new direction in life and if we do not adapt, adopt, and adjust we will find more people with emotional imbalances and mental instability than ever before. There is no feeling like being left behind, out of the loop, or ignorant in not being able to navigate the world today. The economy has evolved rapidly and continues to do so where LEARNING is necessary. You must acquire information, turn it into knowledge through study and research then gain understanding through experience, putting what you know to work.

So now, what does this mean for the labor force? It means a whole new make-over, the demands for talent have evolved dramatically to the point of no return yet to move forward redefining the characteristics of the new market is imperative. Colleges are failing at this, and businesses are too busy reinventing, rebranding, pivoting, and reorganizing to meet the shifts of the economy with a heavy impact on businesses/employability. It is bad enough that people's way of life has changed, accessing the basic needs of life through technology and digitally; Uber (cabs), Door Dash (food), e-commerce (clothing), and the list goes on forces learning a new way of existing.

Which way do you go...

Imagine on a surface level trying to keep up with all the changes in the economy to meet Harlow’s Hierarchy of Needs then go deep-sea diving trying to actualize, succeed, achieve, and reach personal goals that will provide a worthy lifestyle according to one’s identity and not due to world conditions and economic shifts. The escape of not becoming a product of your economic conditions is quite difficult if you have not been equipped with the means not to. The labor force has not been prepared nor privy to the major effects economic activities have on a person’s employability – chance. It's critical to the market’s health moving forward to close the gap forever by interpreting economic indicators that weigh heavy on a population’s opportunities.

Bridging The Gap...

PRCS, Nimble.HI is about filling the gap of the hardship in a market for candidates to find employment that not only meets their needs but compliment who they are. A keen insight of economic shifts' employability effects will remedy the accusations of a skills gap and labor shortage. It is a Thinkers market where professionals need to know how to reflect and project the demand, how to connect and engage with employers, and position talent as fitting, not just a match. We are far beyond the skills age, it's about the person today; one’s ability and capacity to perform and produce. You must know to grow. Employers are taking an X-ray look at potential candidates, it is the demand of the market to seek, attract and house unique, distinctive, and exceptional individuals with talent.

Nichole Singleton is a Job Market and Labor Force Strategist with over five years in the staffing industry successfully matching prominent talent with fitting opportunities. She has obtained her bachelor’s in mass communication & master’s in psychology as she continued to work in the human resources field in some capacity. She is a former member of SHRM from 2008 to 2019 prior to the pandemic (staying informed) and currently works for the #1 tech company in the world (keeping skills sharp). Her passion for building greatness, increasing performance and production, and strengthening the will (right to be) has her on the journey to pursue her Ph.D. in philosophy adding more value, quality, and know-how in helping others be the best version of themselves and make their visions a reality.

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