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I was reading an article and it stated we are now in the purposeful age and how businesses are revamping communications to engage, connect better and win in the purposeful age of today.

I must say, I do agree. We are in the purposeful age where who and why we matter over what we do and when. Especially, after COVID made us wonder or consider what really matters. Which has led me to a keen insight into the drastic transformation of the 21st-century labor market and workforce demands. We have graduated from the information age whereas now it's about how we use the information and knowledge we have access to, and forge forward a better world housing greater people.

Growth is a forever happening thing and human beings were meant to evolve, internally and externally. We must bring our thoughts and all that we are created to be to reality. The phenomena of the world; like the computer, the internet, technology, airplanes, boats, trains, and so much more has been developed from thought, and now as reality has connected us to the world is proof, that we are possible out of the impossible. Yet, we must think about “who” will bring us to the next possible out of the impossible. Who are the next leaders of tomorrow and beyond?

The survival of the fittest is amongst us. We all have access to the same information, not like when we didn’t decades ago. The excuse to not become has been taken away in today’s purpose age thanks to technology and the information age. Hold on; we will pay homage to the industrial age, or we would not be in the purpose age. From age-to-age great minds, thinkers and doers evolved and created the impossible. As 21st-century thinkers we must do the same; this new day and age of purpose are about impact.

How can you make an impact with all that has been given to us through the ages of creation? Such individuals will be in demand as the next generation of prominent employees/workers. The candidate profile has evolved just like everything else business, economies, and so on. What does the new demand look like? What does it mean and warrant?

This image hit it dead on, thank you Inspiring Capital.

The next wave of greatness is those who are in tune with their purpose and how that looks in the world. Is that you? Are you aware of the major shifts changing the game? What is your purpose? What is your mission?

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Mission: An important assignment carried out or a specific task with which a person or a group is charged.

Nichole Singleton is a Job Market and Labor Force Strategist with over five years in the staffing industry successfully matching prominent talent with fitting opportunities. She has obtained her bachelor’s in mass communication & master’s in psychology as she continued to work in the human resources field in some capacity. She is a former member of SHRM from 2008 to 2019 prior to the pandemic (staying informed) and currently works for the #1 tech company in the world (keeping skills sharp). Her passion for building greatness, increasing performance and production, and strengthening the will (right to be) has her on the journey to pursue her Ph.D. in philosophy adding more value, quality, and know-how in helping others be the best version of themselves and make their visions a reality.

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