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Let Us Be Real…

The labor market shortage is contributed to 60% of the pandemic and 40% to the entitled mindset. Yes, I have said it and there is no getting around it. Employees want good employers just like employers want good employees. Fair exchange, one hand washes the other and both keep the business clean.

So where is the disconnect? The free money from stimulus checks, unemployment for “the self-employed” and tax benefits with write-offs for families and more has made the American population privileged. More so, the rise in entrepreneurs taking their show on the road with little to no business intelligence is at an all-time high. With that said, one’s ability and capacity to operate a fully functional company is gravely missing. The focus for the millennial entrepreneur is marketing, branding, content building, and sales. They are clueless about the whole machinery of business, how it works, the interchangeable elements, growth (jobs), and sustainability.

Attention: Sustainability is key for any business, and start-ups should build with sustainability in mind, yet they do not. However, we are not talking about that. We are revealing the truth as to why the labor shortage exists today. Now, adding insult to injury; the labor force is ill-prepared for economic shifts, transformations, and evolutions. The population has not been developed to compete on the level of other countries as the focus is on production versus performance whereas in other countries the focus is both with self in mind. Consequently, the STEM skills people require to successfully compete is the main reason for the labor shortage. The employability of each participant in the job market is weak in comparison to other countries.

However, the American economy has been experiencing a skills gap since 2008 or before. I remember in 2011 when my resume company went from sophisticated resumes to a holistic fit. More than skills were required from the labor force as companies grew with economic evolutions in technology, digital, globalization, AI, Cloud, and more. The expectation rises as the market advances bringing simplicity, convenience, access, and more to the world. Do not be the B candidate as the world advances, do not get left behind falling into the mindset/spiritual pits this time has created, and lastly, make sure you are always employable.

Nichole Singleton is a Job Market and Labor Force Strategist with over five years in the staffing industry successfully matching prominent talent with fitting opportunities. She has obtained her bachelor’s in mass communication & master’s in psychology as she continued to work in the human resources field in some capacity. She is a former member of SHRM from 2008 to 2019 prior to the pandemic (staying informed) and currently works for the #1 tech company in the world (keeping skills sharp). Her passion for building greatness, increasing performance and production, and strengthening the will (right to be) has her on the journey to pursue her Ph.D. in philosophy adding more value, quality, and know-how in helping others be the best version of themselves and make their visions a reality.

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