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Don't Compete, DOMINATE!

When you start a job hunt, every preliminary step and action can make a huge difference in how you stand out from the crowd of applicants. At Presentable Resumes Career Services, we believe that you deserve an interview for every job you apply to. But securing an interview oftentimes depends on the quality of your resume.

If you haven't applied for a job in quite some time and you feel like your resume could use an update, schedule a resume-building consultation with our team in the Bronx, NY. We are excited to help you stand out from the pack with a captivating resume that perfectly highlights your impressive skills. For resume-building services that you can count on, read on to learn more about the team at Presentable Resumes Career Services.

Begin Your Job Hunt With Added Confidence

At Presentable Resumes Career Services, we believe that you shouldn't just compete, you should dominate the job market. That's why we are excited to provide you with a personalized resume consultation service that will help you create a bold and concise resume that hiring managers will love.

We are excited to get to know you on a personal level so that we can provide you with a reliable resume-building consultation. We want you to feel excited about submitting your resume and know that it will stand out with our help. With our flexible scheduling, we can connect with you at a time of day that best fits your busy schedule.

Connect With Resume-Building Experts

To learn more about our helpful services and apply to your next job with confidence, give us a call today at (212) 457-4043. We are excited to learn about your various skills and experiences so that we can help you create the perfect resume that will help you secure the job of your dreams.

Our writing service is the best in the market. We know the match goes far beyond the skill-set so we present the fit.  With the use of emotive language and being craftsmen at words we deliver exactly what employers want to see, the right candidate.

Checking Text on a Document


Give your resume the attention it deserves with the make-over it requires to dominate the market.  


Must have original resume in an electronic format that can be emailed to expert.  If you do not have an electronic resume writing fee's will apply. 



Seal the doubt with a cover letter. Cover letters create confidence in the hire giving the employer a bonafide reason to choose you.

resume and cover letter.jpg


Rhetoric Resume and Cover Letter builds big attraction and motivates employers to hire. 


You must have an electronic resume on and cover letter to email to expert. If you do not an electronic copy of both writing fees will apply.

professional bio 1.jpg


Project the impact of your expertise in a professional bio. Nothing like spelling out HOW you can add value to an employer.


Professional Bio's require a 14 day turn-around with full and timely cooperation of information requested. Please see invoice for refund policy. 

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